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I miss your eyes, your face, your smile. I miss you.. and everything about you.

high-fiving is not for chanhun 

Yixing - 2014 Dream Concert

Moonlight - Kyungsoo
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hongbin lifting kyungsoo up 

Different Jongin expressions



Baektacio Byuntoya, ladies and gents.

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(Gonna write this tear-inducing speech in second-person as if talking to them because I can)

Looking at the timeline of all your title tracks, with their respective music videos, you turned our heads with every single comeback. “What are they gonna do next?” was our question, but you never disappointed with your music and hard work. Even if some concepts were different from others, we could still listen to the song with our eyes closed and say “Yes, this is an Infinite song” because they all have that something that makes them different from everything else.

Thank you for keeping that something in your concepts, songs and music videos, and not letting us down.

There is something that Dongwoo recently said, when shown the first pictures of Infinite as a group. I chose that quote because it shows how important all the steps of your Evolution (lol) were in becoming who you are now.

Aren’t you the boys that danced in front of the stores in Gangnam just to get your song played in a shop? And aren’t you the same boys that promoted “Be Mine” in a crossroad? Making people love you by helping them put their headphones on and understand your songs and being surprised like little children when you saw that your album was the “week’s best”? Didn’t you guys sneak out of the practice room right during the night before the comeback stage, because you needed a rest, and ate fried chicken on the pavement?

Those are the same boys that won a triple crown with “The Chaser”, three consecutive music shows with “Man in Love”, filmed a music video at the Universal Studios in LA, won the MAMA award for 2013’s best male group and completed a World tour.

Thank you for remembering where you started and for paving your road to fame yourselves, on your own (fourteen?) feet. 

Sunggyu! Thank you for being so caring towards the boys. Thank you for considering them “the brightest part of your life”. Because if you don’t, who will? Us, maybe, but that doesn’t mean as much to them as a group. You are needed more than you realise. You are a wonderful leader, putting the right amount of love, friendship, ambition and severity into what you do. Thank you for teaching us that, regardless of the consequences that might occur, it is important to state our opinion.

Dongwoo! Thank you for helping everyone out both when they need it and when they don’t. When they don’t they probably do too. So good job on being on the spot and you have our never ending love and appreciation for bringing some more sunshine, for spicing up the interviews but at the same time for showing so much affection and sensibility towards both your members and your activities. Thank you for teaching us that we should always face the problems with a smile.

Woohyun! Thank you for your dedication to the fans that is out of this world. For the brightest smile you showed when your health condition wasn’t exactly perfect. For being impossibly strong and extremely sensitive at the same time. For your painful honesty when you talk about how impressed you were thanks to Inspirits. For performing like it was nothing when you had a 39 degree fever. For being an angel even if you like to act like the bad guy. Thank you for teaching us that it’s worth making sacrifices for the ones that we love and love us.

Hoya! Thank you for never backing off from challenges and for always being willing to show what you’re capable of. For having improved so much not only as a dancer and rapper, but especially as a singer. For your professional speeches and heartfelt words. Thank you for not giving up on your dreams when people kept telling you that you wouldn’t make it. For managing to climb to where you are now. Thank you for teaching us that no matter what others tell us, we should believe in our own strength.

Sungyeol! Thank you for improving your voice so much and please don’t lose your confidence when singing because you’re doing great. For running around and making everyone have a good time and for working hard to achieve your goals. For cheering the members up when they were in a bad mood and, in spite of all the pranks, for being a great friend. Thank you for teaching us that whatever you do can bring you satisfaction if you’re having fun.

Myungsoo! Thank you for being a good friend to your group and for erasing the bad decisions with good ones. For the passion that you put into everything you do and for your stubbornness that you dislike so much. Maybe you don’t realise that it often brings out the best in you. Good job on aiming for all your dreams and fulfilling them one by one, because the worst thing in life is wasted talent (quoting Robert De Niro lol). Thank you for teaching us that being ambitious is the key to success.

Sungjong! Thank you for never being afraid to do things your way and for always showing your sincere gratitude towards the fans. For standing your ground at all times, because being the maknae is difficult. For always being so endearing with the members and supporting them in everything they did. Thank you for teaching us that we don’t have to follow anyone’s commands or stay true to any label, because being ourselves is what makes us happy.  

Thank you for being yourselves, for staying strong through thick and thin because after all, just like Woohyun said, you’re Infinite. You never really end.


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